re:Activate is the 20th annual Conference and continues our strong track record in showcasing learning environment innovation.

Our annual conference is organised by architects and educators for architects and educators.

That's why we have led the field in learning spaces and education design for almost 20 years.

The conference takes place in a different city each year.

We source thought-leading keynote speakers, hold interactive workshops and conduct site tours to schools, universities, early childhood centres and workplaces that have undergone a transformation of their learning environments.

It's the highlight of the calendar, bringing together hundreds of professionals from across the globe.

Learning Environments Australasia is a dynamic community of over 900 architects, educators, designers and planners, which promotes the design, building and use of great learning spaces in order to improve education outcomes.

For almost 20 years, we have been the peak body advocating for innovative learning environments throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and are affiliated with the Association for Learning Environments, a global network of 5,000 professionals.

Learning Environments Australasia's work is driven by three key aims:

  • to advocate for quality learning environments;
  • to promote and share world's best practice among educators and designers, and;
  • to invest in the research and development of new concepts.

We achieve this through the expertise and tireless efforts of our members, who organise over 60 events and professional development programs per year including site visits, workshops, symposia, research programs, Awards programs, think tanks, debates and the annual conference.

This page last updated: Wednesday 30 October 2019